Police have raided nearly 30 properties  in a bid to disrupt Outlaw Motorcycle Gang  members following incidents of violence
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Police have raided nearly 30 properties in a bid to disrupt Outlaw Motorcycle Gang members following incidents of violence

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Police have raided nearly 30 properties across Adelaide today in a bid to disrupt the unlawful behaviour of Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (OMCG) members following “six incidents of violence” in the past fortnight.

Key points:

  • Police say six incidents over the past fortnight are linked to OMCG members
  • The incidents include two shootings and four deliberately lit fires
  • Chief Superintendent Tom Osborn said the violence would not be tolerated

It comes as another house in Adelaide became the target of a shooting this morning, the sixth recent incident that police believe is linked to an OMCG dispute.

Police said a shot was fired at a property in Classic Court in West Lakes about 7:30am this morning.

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A Land Services SA certificate of title states the house is part-owned by Adelaide United player Nikola Mileusnic.

A different man, 27, from West Lakes was arrested at the address and remains in police custody.

He is expected to be charged with breaching his home detention order and will appear in court at a later date.

Police believe the incident is the latest in a series of incidents which includes four deliberately lit fires and shots being fired at a home in Ascot Park, in Adelaide’s south.

On Monday, August 5, a property was deliberately set alight at St Clair, in Adelaide’s west, before a kebab van was set on fire in the front yard of a property on Thursday, August 8.

A Marleston gym was then gutted by fire about 1:20am the following morning, before five shots were fired at a house at Ascot Park on Monday, August 12.

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A Seaton hair dressing business was then gutted by fire on Wednesday morning.

Operation coordinator Chief Superintendent Tom Osborn today said police believed all six incidents were related to an OMCG dispute.

A prominent Hells Angel member will remain in jail while awaiting trial on racketeering charges.

“Discharging a gun into a house, it’s got a high probability that you will either injure or kill someone and we’ve all heard of incidents where people have been shot,” he said.

“Setting fire to a house with people inside the house has got the potential of killing innocent people.

“We firmly believe the crimes are being committed by OMCG members.”

‘Violence will not be tolerated’

Police searched 28 premises across Adelaide today as part of a wider investigation into the incidents and said one person was expected to face charges for breaching a Firearms Prohibition Order.

Others were also issued with minor drug offences and cannabis expiation notices.

According to State Police, the incident started inside Joker’s, when 2 “non club members” entered the club.They became inebriated and were asked to leave.

Police said two people would also be reported in relation to steroids and one person was expected to be reported in relation to hydroponic cannabis located during a search.

Chief Superintendent Tom Osborn said today’s raids were just the beginning of a “ramped up” approach to the investigations, which had also included a raid of cells at the Adelaide Remand Centre.

“This type of violence will not be tolerated,” he said.

“These are not random incidents, but each poses an unacceptable risk to the wider, law-abiding community.

“While police have made significant inroads into disrupting the criminal activities of these organised crime groups over recent years, we know that they continue to be prominent in the illicit drug trade.”

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He said police were thankful that no innocent people had been hurt in the incidents.

“Thankfully it hasn’t happened at this stage, but the potential is always there, and it could happen,” he said.

“We are going to continue with a very ramped-up approach in the next few days and we will continue to do so.

“The message I really want to get out to the OMCG members, and there’s several hundred in this state, to their families, to their associates, police will not stop until we actually bring these people to justice.

More than 250 Hells Angels joined family and friends of murdered Hardside biker at a Delta funeral home on Friday.

“Police will hunt them down.”

Police have asked anyone who may have seen suspicious activity in relation to any of the incidents to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


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