Major motorcycle gang members belonged to the “Homietos Nomad”arrested for strip club fight at the urinal
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Major motorcycle gang members belonged to the “Homietos Nomad”arrested for strip club fight at the urinal

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By Gwen Filosa

Two motorcycle gang members were arrested early Thursday after they attacked a man in a bathroom inside a Duval Street strip club, according to police.

The victim, who is black, told police one of the bikers called him a racial slur before striking him from behind.

He said one pulled a knife and threatened to kill him and three men total continued to “stomp” him until he crawled into a stall and slammed the door shut.

Mark Anthony Magallan, 44, and Morgan Shane Cooper, 44, were arrested on charges of felony battery. They were also arrested under the state’s hate crime law.

Cooper was described by police as Hispanic, Magallan is white and a third suspect is black, the police report stated.

“The third suspect is still at large,” said police spokeswoman Alyson Crean. That suspect was not named in the arrest affidavit.
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Both Magallan and Cooper denied they were members of any major motorcycle gang but said they belonged to the “Homietos Nomad” gang, police reported.

But police said they displayed patches on their leather vests designating them as members of “outlaw” biker gangs labeled by the FBI as criminal organizations.

They were found and arrested at Dons’ Place,1000 Truman Ave. sitting with known members of the Pagans biker gang, police said.

Each had a leather vest with patches affixed that signify a relationship to a biker gang, police said. Magallan’s vest had an “SS lighting bolt Nazi” patch, police said.

Both vests had a “one percenter” patch that police said is worn by all the outlaw gangs.

Earlier at midnight, police arrived at Teasers, 218 Duval St., at midnight to find Antoni Long in the upstairs bathroom.

Blood was splattered on the floor and dripping down Long’s face from cuts to his eye and lip.

The outlaw motorcycle gang boss had been sold low quality drugs and he had failed to remanufacture the methamphetamine to increase the purity.

Long said he was using a urinal when a man with a ponytail asked him, “Are you good?”

Long replied, “Yeah,” and then the man asked, “Are you a n—–?”

“Yeah, what do you mean?” Long asked, before he was struck from behind and slammed up against a glass case holding an advertisement on the wall.

The glass shattered. Long then turned around and was punched in the face by the man with the ponytail, according to the arrest report.

Long said he fell to the floor, got up and was confronted by two men wearing “biker attire,” the report stated.

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Long was forced to the floor again and said the men kicked him. The man with the ponytail pulled a knife and said he was going to kill Long, police said.

Police found Cooper wearing a large knife in a sheath attached to his pants belt. He also had two small dagger knives.

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Cooper told police he got into an altercation with a black man inside the Teasers bathroom because the man took a swing at Magallan.

“I don’t bow down to anyone,” Magallan told officers, according to the arrest report. He said he touched the black man, who he said then “studded up.”

Both on Thursday were locked up in county jails on $50,000 bonds. Magallan was at the Plantation Key jail while Cooper on Stock Island.

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