Convicted killer and ex-Nomads biker boss vows to confront another biker over his controversial ‘joke’ about Virgin Mary saying the comments were worse than murder

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Alana Mazzoni For Daily Mail Australia

Ex-Nomads bikie boss Moudi Tajjour has vowed to confront Kyle Sandilands over his controversial ‘joke’ about Virgin Mary, saying the comments were worse than murder.

The convicted killer unleashed on the KIIS FM radio host on his Can’t Fight Fate podcast, even though Sandilands is close friends with Tajjour’s cousin, former Sydney nightclub owner John Ibrahim.

Season 2 Episode 25 How the Modern Biker is no more ~ How the Internet Destroyed the Biker Lifestyle

Tajjour was furious over a segment in which Sandilands said the Virgin Mary wasn’t actually a virgin, and had fallen pregnant ‘behind a camel shed’, which sparked protests outside the radio station and prompted the co-host to flee to LA.

“She didn’t just do this to our club. She did it to the families of fallen firefighters. She did it to the fire departments that support our organization, to the busin

2019 KTM 790 Duke Reviewed On Home Court

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You can still see the fire everywhere. Long drips of melted insulation swing off power lines. When wet clouds soak the south-facing slope of the Topatopa Mountains you can smell it too. A rich, earthy, and sodden charcoal smell. It fills your nose when you angle your head and drive it low into a corner. If your eyes look deep to pick your line, they’ll see wisps of scorched chaparral, denuded and black, and stripes of burned-over guardrail. But mostly you see road. Cambered and carving, a dark curling pen stroke, rolled out through bright rock.

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Balanced, sophisticated, and absurdly quick in a canyon, KTM’s Duke 790 is easily one of the best middleweight motorcycles on sale today.
Balanced, sophisticated, and absurdly quick in a canyon, KTM’s Duke 790 is easily one of the best middleweight motorcycles on sale today. (Yelena Sofia/)

In the lower reaches of Highway 33 there's not much for the 2019 KTM Duke 790's brilliant quickshifter to do. A corner is a one-click job, a downward stab to keep the engine spinning hard, and you gather the gear change back the instant you sniff an apex. Second, third, second, third, and so on. The new LC8 engine is a wonder. It's eager in a way that a single can't be, and urgent in a way that an inline-four seldom is. The power comes on quick (95 hp at its peak on our dyno, and 58.2 pound-feet of torque) and it never really signs off. The engine swells like it'll build forever until you're startled by a soft bounce off the rev limiter; but by then never mind: You're on the brakes and settling weight over the front end and looking deep into ashy corners.

Highway 33’s curves are flowing and fast, the perfect place to test KTM’s Duke 790.
Highway 33’s curves are flowing and fast, the perfect place to test KTM’s Duke 790. (Yelena Sofia/)

It was all fuel. Tall grass and matilija poppy and head-high stands of bright yellow broom that clogged the sightlines up the winding highway. Before the Thomas fire ripped through these mountains and bore down on my hometown, driving out my parents and friends in a frantic nighttime evacuation, all that fragrant California scrub was a pretty conduit through which my favorite road flowed. The walls of brush made knowing the road essential, knowing where you could find a spritz of gravel left behind by heavy trucks, or expect a crumble of fallen rock at the base of a sheer cut through the earth, or find a sheen of water pressed out of the mountain to make the road buttery slick. That knowledge was the difference between enjoying the ride or doing it on tiptoes. But with the brush burned away and new, deep sightlines, there’s little but courtesy and good sense to slow me down, or the Duke—and the Duke has never cared much for either.

You seldom find a machine so perfectly paired to a set </div>
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PURVEYORS OF STYLE: Triumph Thruxton R by Untitled Motorcycles

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Written by Martin Hodgson

When purveyors of sophistication and style for more than half a century, GQ Magazine, were looking for someone to build them a bike to match their ethos they knew exactly where to turn. They sent a brand new Thruxton R to Adam Kay of London’s Untitled Motorcycles, a man who has built a plethora of perfectly fashioned customs over the years. It’s little wonder his skills are in such high demand but having built the GQ bike on a serious deadline, Adam is back with another Triumph Thruxton R 1200 for one very lucky client, who was seeking the perfect modern cafe classic.

“Adam gets enquires all the time about new projects customers potentially want to do to their motorcycles. Some are classics and some are modern classics. Andrea had seen a Z750 that had been customised on the net and wanted something similar done to his Z750. After a few emails between Adam and Andrea this idea was dropped after Adam suggested test riding a Thruxton R 1200. Once ridden Andrea was sold on it and a plan was drawn up to make a classic cafe racer,” UMC tells us.

To give Andrea an even better idea of what he’d be getting and to ensure everyone was on the same page, Ian Galvin was emailed with a description of what Adam had come up with and an illustration was drawn up. “The theme of the bike was going to be black, white and gold. A classic combination of colours.” So with a plan laid out, the Thruxton was rolled into UMC HQ and stripped down to the bones so Adam could begin the visual part of the makeover. First, a bunch of parts were removed and sent to powder coat, including the swingarm that went from silver to black.




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