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It seems fitting on the day over 100,000 gentlefolk take to the streets riding for mental health and prostate cancer on the annual Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, we would show our support for this legendary group based in Sydney called the Lost Motos. Lost Motos is all about breaking down the stigma of men’s mental health, with their private support group on Facebook, they have been able to create a community where each person that is part of it is able to get support, encouragement and be part of a like-minded community.

Lost Motos was born out of the need of a listening ear, an empathetic heart and a revving motorcycle to make it through some tough times. What grew from a humble motorcycle trip between a few mates is now an online support group for men. A place to be vulnerable and emotional within a supportive environment surrounded by the love of motorcycles.

Motorcycles help us unwind and clear our minds. Something that is so raw and mechanical is quite thankfully therapeutic. As motorcycle enthusiasts, most of us jump on our motorcycle and go out for a ride whenever we need to clear our heads from the current stress and anxieties of life. How many of those emotional, anxious, or stressful thoughts become verbal? Understandably not many, because its hard being vulnerable and asking for help.

Lost Motos exists to show men that having a chat and sharing when times are tough is okay. Being around people who build you up and push you to becoming a better version of yourself; be it with your mental health, a hard decision you are dealing with, or to point out and help you with your f#ck ups. That’s what Lost Motos is and that’s what it’s about – a group that’s ready and willing to help and support each other with complete kindness and without question or judgement, because we are all walking on similar paths.

Throughout the month of October,

Local law enforcement officers say Brothers East or B*EAST is an outlaw motorcycle gang so who are they?

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Zero Motorcycles says it’s ready to take Down Harley-Davidson Dreams of entering electric bikes market Zero Motorcycles isn’t afraid of the big bad hog

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Jay Witt has died Witt was serving a 30-40 year sentence for killing William Furlong at the Hells Angels Clubhouse in Omaha in July 2013.

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KMTV) — The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) says 53-year-old Nebraska State Penitentiary inmate Jay Witt died Wednesday evening.

Witt was serving a 30-40 year sentence for killing William Furlong at the Hells Angels Clubhouse in Omaha in July 2013.

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He was charged with manslaughter, use of a deadly weapon and possession of a deadly weapon by a prohibited person.

The cause of



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