Prosecutors say Aryan Brotherhood spoke of wanting to build an army within California prisons and forming a new Aryan Brotherhood composed entirely of hardened killers

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SACRAMENTO — In the summer of 2016, Ronald Dean Yandell was as on top of the world as a man doomed to spend the rest of his days in a prison cell could be.

Prison officials, citing Yandell’s membership in the Aryan Brotherhood, had kept him locked away in a modern-day dungeon; he had spent 15 years in solitary confinement at California’s most notorious and secure prison, Pelican Bay.

But in 2015, after statewide hunger strikes and lawsuits challenging the use of solitary confinement, Yandell was transferred to New Folsom prison in Sacramento. For the first time this century, he had a cellmate, relatively easy access to other inmates and he managed to get something else: a contraband cellphone, and with it the ability to reach like-minded gangsters throughout California.

Season 2 Episode 20 Mongols Motorcycle Club Dilemma Continues and tribute to Jarheads MC

What followed, according to federal prosecutors, was an attempted takeover of the state prison system’s other predominantly white gangs, which has resulted in one of the biggest organized crime takedowns in California. Now, Yandell and 15 other accused Aryan Brotherhood members and associates are fighting federal charges, alleging five murders, four murder plots, prison drug trafficking and other crimes.


In fact, according to the latest California Air Resources Board (CARB) executive orders, Indian is preparing one, maybe even two, special-edition Scouts for the model’s jubilee. The document lists an Indian Scout 100th Anniversary—likely the very same one spotted at the dealers’ meeting earlier this month.

The special model will sport the original, classic Scout look with the deep red livery and yellow pinstripes. Some sources also suggest

Bandidos Motorcycle Club and the Comancheros Motorcycle Club went to war in the carpark of the Viking Tavern

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By Richard Wood

For many, Father’s Day symbolises a time for paternal love, admiration and gentle memories.
But 35 years ago in south-western Sydney the day became forever tarnished with death and bikie gang terror when The Milperra Massacre erupted.
On Father’s Day – September 2 – in 1984, the Bandidos and the Comancheros went to war in the carpark of the Viking Tavern at Milperra.
An innocent 15-year-old girl was killed along with six bikies, while a further 21 bikies were badly injured.
The battle took place amid a group of innocent bystanders who were enjoying a family day out at a motorcycle swap-meet in the tavern carpark.

NEED FOR SPEED: Honda CD250U ‘Motoleggera’

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Written by Martin Hodgson

It’s frowned upon these days as we all get a little wiser, but the old saying ‘happy wife, happy life’ could well be put to the test as Francesco was supposed to build this bike into a road-going cafe racer for his one true love! But somewhere along the way this 1990 Honda CD250U became a track bike for the man himself, with a more race orientated name, MotoLeggera, meaning Lightweight Motorcycle. Rescued from a Hippie on a Horse Farm the Honda commuter has undergone an epic transformation at Francis Von Tuto Moto Works and now tears up the tarmac at Australia’s Lakeside International Raceway.

The simple little Honda came to Francesco in the hardest of ways, with more than 1000kms driven in two attempts to pick up the bike and get it back to Brisbane. The first time the GPS lost signal halfway, while on the return trip “I had to cross a creek and when I found a massive mud puddle I knew I would never get out of it, I decided to park the van and run the last 2kms to get to the farm. Once I got the bike I rode it back to the van with no helmet and a flat tire, then loaded it up and back to Brisbane.”

The van overheated several times on the return journey and it took more than 7hrs to get home. So what did Francesco have for his time and money? A true farm bike, smoke from the dinged up pipes, broken and sun-blasted plastics, bent rims and a horse chewed seat. But being a “bulletproof air-cooled 250cc parallel twin, a very narrow and simple frame, short wheelbase and factory 17 inch laced rims with front disc.” Francesco felt it was the perfect base to build a tribute to the sub 100kg Italian race bikes of the ’60s.

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