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As of June 9th, 2019, the State of Texas and motorcycle clubs associated with the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents is officially no longer affiliated with AIM and by default has disassociated with NCOM, and further, will no longer be known as a Confederation of Clubs. This is not a decision that came easy but one that is necessary as we narrow our focus on Texas bikers, Texas legislative matters, and strengthening the Texas motorcycling community. Moving forward, we will operate under the name, Texas Council of Clubs and Independents. Our mission to you, the motorcycling community, is to operate as an organization that serves with transparency, tenacity, and efficiency; without the interference of outside individuals. Texas Council of Clubs and Independents will continue dedicating our time fighting the ever increasing epidemic of motorcycle profiling in the State of Texas while educating the public and our legislators of this constant attack on our Constitutional rights. We will continue to foster relationships with organizations and groups within the State of Texas that share our common interests.

Best Dog Toys

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Dog toys are a great way to keep them preoccupied and help curb any destructive behavior.

Keep your pup entertained with these best picks for dog toys.

Whether your dog is an aggressive chewer or just likes to play, these dog toys will provide them with hours of entertainment.

REVIVAL OF A BRAND: Interview with Josh Sirlin from Black Bear Brand

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We spoke with Josh Sirlin, creative director, curator and owner of the Black Bear Brand. The brand has had a long history in America and has now been revived after laying dormant for many years. Josh has a passion for motorcycles and the brand he has resurrected. The more we looked into the products Black Bear Brand are making, the more we were impressed. Grab a drink and have a read…

How did you get into motorcycles? 

Thinking back I always had an affection for them… but in some odd way I can’t make sense of now; they felt out of reach.  It’s really weird looking back at this and the fact it took me until I was a so called “adult” before I rode one and then was on a fast track to buy my first bike.

First time on a bike: I was in Panama doing a freelance odd-job creative project for a resort Travis Pastrana was starting with his Red Bull team manager Hayes Wheels.  The resort wasn’t open yet, it was quite and I was one of the only ones there along with Hayes and a handful resort employees. One of Travis’s bikes was there; the bike he ended up crossing the pool in Nitro Circus Live The Movie. It wasn’t working…  but over a few days of me nagging one of the employees I convinced him and one of the local kids to try to get it running so I could ride it.  And they did!  This is where and how I got my first taste and the motorcycle bug;  wearing shorts, flip flops, ripping the beach on Travis Pastrana’s bike in Panama.

What’s your fondest memory on a motorcycle?  

Riding my 1948 Panhead for the 1st time… never rode a Harley, a foot clutch, a jockey shifter (or a bike with no front break).  I found my bike and despite everyone telling me I was crazy to get this bike when I saw a picture of it I wanted it and went deaf to anyone that said anything in conflict of me getting it.

The bike was in TX (where I found it) and I got it transported to Washington.  The transporter couldn’t get their truck into narrow streets to my house so they off loaded it a mile away, on the side of Main Street.  At that time I had never even kicked over a bike so I had to push it all the way to my house (it was also raining)!

The next day is the most memorable day on a bike for me.

I was by myself.  I had hand written directions from the guy I bought the bike from on how to kick over the bike (still have them)! He wrote on a scratch paper and paper clipped them to the title that I got from the transporter; he called it the starting ritual… and I call it my “hand shake” with the bike.

It was a Sunday; I was all by myself.  It took me about an hour to finally get it kicked over and after I did, with a huge grin on my face, I put on my helmet and just rolled out of my drive way and down the steep



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