Official Review - Ironborn Womens Textile Motorcycle Jacket

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Here's Our Official Review of the Ironborn Women's Textile Motorcycle Jacket by Viking Cycle

Louise, tested this textile jacket out on a classic Colorado fall weather ride, and was very impressed with the performance! Watch the Video Review to see the highlights of some of the amazing performance features this jacket offers to riders.

A few Key features that she really liked were:

  • Fully Adjustable
  • Water Resistant
  • Zip Out liner
  • Tons of Pockets in easy to access locations. 
  • Key Clip inside pocket.
  • Plenty of Venting
  • Ear Bud Attachment Points

This jacket is easily functional for three season riding, and for less than $100 all of the features that are packed into it make it a MUST OWN piece of Riding Gear!

NASA Engineer Voted Grand Prize Winner of Indian Motorcycle's 'The Wrench: Scout Bobber Build Off'

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Alfredo Juarez of Las Cruces, New Mexico to be Awarded $10,000 & a Feature Story in Hot Bike Magazine on his Custom Indian Scout Bobber

Indian Motorcycle, America’s first motorcycle company, announced its grand prize winner of The Wrench: Scout Bobber Build Off. Alfredo (Fred) Juarez, a NASA engineer from Las Cruces, NM, and his custom Indian Scout Bobber received the most fan votes and has been named grand prize winner of the national contest. As the grand prize winner, Juarez will be awarded $10,000 and will receive a feature story in Hot Bike Magazine on his custom Indian Scout Bobber.

Juarez’s bare-bones chopper, featuring a completely custom hardtail frame, drew inspiration by a number of different mechanical works of art, both in and out of the motorcycle industry. Juarez sites the Indian Scout FTR1200 Custom, RSD Indian Scout custom builds and David Beckham’s garage company, Knuckle, as inspiration.
 “I cannot thank Indian Motorcycle enough for the opportunity. Not only was this a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but the three-month build period created an incredible bonding experience for me and my family,” said Juarez. “And of course, thanks to all the fans who took the time to cast their vote. I know it wasn’t easy to pick one because the other two bikes are incredible. Hats off to PJ and Christian for their work. It’s been an incredible ride and I cannot thank everyone enough for their support.”
The Wrench: Scout Bobber Build Off was a national custom motorcycle contest designed to spotlight non-professional builders who wrench for the passion and not the pay. The program received more than 100 submissions, which were narrowed down to 12 by a judging panel of professional builders and experts, including Roland Sands, Satya Kraus, Jason Paul Michaels and Hot Bike Editor-in-Chief Jordan Mastagni. 

After a two-week fan vote, Alfredo Juarez, along with PJ Grakauskas (an OSHA safety inspector from Avon, OH) and Christian Newman (a mechanical engineer from Buffalo, NY) were named the three finalists. All three builds were unveiled on August 5 at the legendary Buffalo Chip during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

AMA LongRider Program

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The AMA Recognizes Members Who Love to Ride

The AMA LongRider program is your chance to show others that you're serious about riding your motorcycle. AMA members are invited to earn patches for various mileage milestones.

Mileage awards are available at 10,000, 25,000 and 50,000 annual miles. In addition to the awards, AMA LongRiders will be recognized on the AMA website. 

If you don't get a chance to ride that often, let your miles accumulate for a Lifetime Mileage award at 25,000, 50,000, 100,000, 250,000, 500,000, 750,000 and 1 million miles. Riders who achieve 1 million miles will earn a special AMA LongRider plaque.

Long Rider Rules:
  • Must be current AMA member
  • Must agree to abide by AMA verification rules and procedures
  • Must register for program (miles begin to accumulate once registered)
  • May use multiple motorcycles 
How it works:
  • Riders register using the AMA LongRider Application.
  • Mileage counts from this day forward, unless you can provide verification of previous mileage with documentation from an AMA-chartered club. The AMA will consider verified mileage awards from non-AMA groups/clubs/dealers on a case-by-case basis. Mileage will not be credited for years that you were not an AMA member.
  • If you were enrolled in the AMA LongRider program in 2008 or prior, previous verified AMA LongRider Emeritus mileage counts. 
  • Send a current odometer photo with your AMA card in the photo or other verification as listed on the mileage award form. Odometer pics and other verification will be kept on record with the AMA.
  • If multiple motorcycles are used, mileage will count from time each motorcycle is registered with the LongRider Program.
  • AMA LongRiders receive a decal and patch with registration.
  • Forms can be sent to AMA LongRider, 13515 Yarmouth Dr., Pickerington, OH 43147. It's recommended to make a copy or keep a record of the mileage you are submitting, so you know when to submit for awards. 
Mileage Awards:
  • Once you reach a milestone, return the AMA LongRider Mileage Award Request Form to AMA LongRider, 13515 Yarmouth Dr., Pickerington, OH 43147. It's recommended to make a copy or keep a record of the mileage you are submitting, so you know when to submit for your next award. 
  • Send an updated odometer photo with your AMA card in the photo or other verification as listed on the mileage award form. 
  • Only verifiable mileage counts toward AMA LongRider Awards (odometer vs. “trail miles”). This is a road/adventure riding program.
Share Your Achievements:
  • Share photos of your odometer, patches or photos from a trip using the #AMAlongrider on social media.
  • Email with your photos, name and contact info. for a chance

American Dresser - A Passion for two wheels is turned into a feature film.

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Carmine Cangialosi writes, directs, & co-stars in modern western - American Dresser

By Michael Marino

Carmine Cangialosi didn't set out to make a motorcycle film when he began writing the script for American Dresser. The actor-turned-screenwriter/director and lifelong motorcyclist said he set out to make a, "modern western," and chose to incorporate his familiarity with the motorcycling lifestyle into the project.

"You can't write a western movie about the horses," he said.

The film's story line focuses on lead actor Tom Berenger's character, John Moore, as he embarks on a cross-country motorcycle trip to cope with the recent death of his wife, as well as confront a decades-old family secret.

Cangialosi hopes his first film project featuring motorcycles will resonate with riders and non-riders, alike. His father is a veteran and a motorcycle rider, much like the main character in the film. While he rode dirt bikes in his youth, the younger Cangialosi's acting schedule did not allow him to have much time to ride.

He chose to diversify his film career by branching into writing and directing. After his first film project was released in 2002, Cangialosi began writing the script for American Dresser. It was his first time featuring motorcycles in a film.

He used motorcycles to attract motorcycling's "built-in audience." He said motorcycles spearhead a multi-billion dollar industry, and he hopes using them in the film will help make it more attractive to audiences.

"Motorcycles are very iconic," Cangialosi said. "People either ride or want to ride."

While he has a lot of respect for other motorcycle-themed moviesAmerican Dresser, Cangialosi said he drew more influence from western films like Dances with Wolves, The Unforgiven and There Will Be Blood. He was also grateful for the major contributions that actors Berenger and Keith David made to the film.

"I was beyond fortunate to get them onboard this project." Cangialosi said.

One of the challenges he faced was teaching the film's two main stars how to ride.

"Tom [Berenger]'s wife rides, and Tom rode dirt bikes as a kid," Cangialosi said.

He said David did not have previous riding experience. David's busy schedule forced Cangialosi to give David a crash course on how to ride a motorcycle shortly before filming began.

The Harley-Davidson motorcycle ridden in the film by Berenger's character is owned by Cangialosi's father. Cangialosi also wanted to get an Indian motorcycle into the film, so that is what David's character, Charlie Wylde, rides.

"I did not want to make a brand movie," he said. "I wanted to make the film as timeless as possible."

Cangialosi said he doesn't have plans to make another film featuring motorcycles, but would not rule out using them again.

"Making this film was the hardest thing I have ever done," he said. "Whatever I do next, I will let [t

Harley-Davidson #RideForStrength Campaign for Muscular Dystrophy Launches on Labor Day

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Harley-Davidson riders represent Muscular Dystrophy Association at Harley-Davidson's 115th Anniversary Celebration

The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) is kicking off its #RideforStrength campaign to celebrate Harley-Davidson's 38 years of support. A select group of Harley-Davidson riders from across the country are traveling to Milwaukee to participate in Harley-Davidson's 115th Anniversary Parade and are capturing the experience on MDA's social channels and raising money for the organization.

During the Labor Day weekend's festivities, 115 MDA advocates, including MDA Harley-Davidson riders, members of the International Association of Fire Firefighters (IAFF) and more, will participate in the Parade of Heroes, the signature event at every Harley-Davidson anniversary celebration.

"Harley-Davidson is one of America's most generous and iconic companies and we've been honored to call them a partner for the past 38 years. They have helped us to accelerate the delivery of treatments and cures to transform the lives of people affected by neuromuscular disease and ALS," said Lynn O'Connor Vos, president and CEO of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. 'Ride for Strength' is a celebration of that commitment."

Harley-Davidson's fundraising efforts go toward advancements in research, care and treatments with the goal to ultimately provide cures for individuals affected by neuromuscular disease and ALS.

Since 1980, the Harley-Davidson family of dealers, riders, customers and suppliers have raised more than $103 million to support the families served by MDA. In 2017, the Harley-Davidson family raised $3.1 million alone.

"For 38 years, it's been an honor to support the Muscular Dystrophy Association and this year, we're proud to have MDA families and children ride alongside our Harley-Davidson enthusiasts in honor of our 115th anniversary," said Claudia Garber, manager of the Harley-Davidson Riding Academy and MDA liaison. "We stand behind the Muscular Dystrophy Association and continue to help spread their message and support their mission to find a cure."

People can help support this campaign by donating at and can follow riders at MDA's Twitter handle @MDAnews.


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