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As of June 9th, 2019, the State of Texas and motorcycle clubs associated with the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents is officially no longer affiliated with AIM and by default has disassociated with NCOM, and further, will no longer be known as a Confederation of Clubs. This is not a decision that came easy but one that is necessary as we narrow our focus on Texas bikers, Texas legislative matters, and strengthening the Texas motorcycling community. Moving forward, we will operate under the name, Texas Council of Clubs and Independents. Our mission to you, the motorcycling community, is to operate as an organization that serves with transparency, tenacity, and efficiency; without the interference of outside individuals. Texas Council of Clubs and Independents will continue dedicating our time fighting the ever increasing epidemic of motorcycle profiling in the State of Texas while educating the public and our legislators of this constant attack on our Constitutional rights. We will continue to foster relationships with organizations and groups within the State of Texas that share our common interests.


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UPDATE: The motorcycle community, both club members and independents, are showing that these sneaky, not so subtle attacks on freedom will not be tolerated. AS OF THIS AFTERNOON, HB 4017 WAS REMOVED FROM THE HOUSE COMMITTEE HEARING SCHEDULED FOR WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10, 2019. Sources in the Capitol reported a high volume of registered objections, enough to warrant pulling it from the hearing. This is because of YOUR efforts. BUT, this is no time to start celebrating. There is still time to resubmit this amendment for hearing so we are watching and waiting. For now, there will be no reason to come to the Capitol to register an objection to the amendment but as we have seen, that can change at the drop of the hat.

We are still watching HB 4236, the Body Cam amendment, and have calls in to get further clarification on the intent of the bill. This will remain a hot item to watch pending the answers we receive tomorrow.

Great job reminding that the stripping of Constitutional rights with out the benefit of due process will not be stood for by the patriots here in Texas.

All respect and don't forget,

Ride. Record. Report.

Grim Guardian Clutch
US Defenders Region 1 Commander

PS. For those who are feeling emboldened and want to help further protect our 2nd Amendment, visit Rachel Malone from GOA on Facebook and see how else you can help.

The two men accused of gunning down a full-patch member of the Hells Angels get new date set

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Aaron Hinks

The two men accused of gunning down a full-patch member of the Hells Angels in South Surrey made a brief appearance in Surrey Provincial Court Thursday morning.

Calvin Powery-Hooker and Nathan De Jong, both born in 1998, are charged with first degree murder.

They are scheduled to return to court Jan. 6 to have a preliminary hearing date set.

Police say they have made one of the largest meth seizures and have arrested a full-patch Hells Angel member

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James Macecari New Age of Biking & Brotherhood
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Danton Unger Editorial Producer

WINNIPEG — After a number of homes in Winnipeg and the Interlake were searched in the early morning hours of Wednesday, RCMP say they have made one of the largest meth seizures in Manitoba and have arrested a full-patch Hells Angel member.

On Wednesday the RCMP organized crime team executed nine search warrants in Manitoba and Alberta. Seven of those searches were in Winnipeg, one was in St. Laurent, Man., and one was in Calgary, Alta.

RCMP said the investigation has led to seizures of meth, cocaine, cash, and a number of vehicles. RCMP said while the total amount of drugs and money seized still needs to be counted – it is expected to be the largest meth seizures in the province.

Why do outlaw motorcycle clubs go to war with each other It’s really simple if you look at it with an open mind It boils down to just a few motorcycle clubs.

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James Macecari New Age of Biking & Brotherhood
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By James “Hollywood”Macecari

(Disclaimer- I was a former Black Piston and still a supporter of the Black & White till this day. I already know people will bring it up after writing this editorial, better to get it out now.)

Many people ask why there is so much tension between clubs, actually the correct term, “wars between clubs.” The reason is simple, many of the clubs who were apart of the agreements made between the 1% in the 60’s, didn’t abide by the agreement. One club in particular many should know, the Hells Angels. If one has been apart of the lifestyle for any length of time, you would know the Hells Angels came into territories of other 1% clubs. This move set off a series of events where hostilities started, and rightly so. One of the single most important things a man has is their word. At least it used to be that way, not so much any more. When someone breaks that word people get pissed off, this leads to problems.

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Let’s take the 1990s for example, more specifically, what was happening here in Illinois. Illinois has always been, and always will be, an Outlaw State. Regardless of what fantasies people try to push, the 81 will never have a stronghold within the City of Chicago. This is evident in the fact their charter, they claim to have in Chicago, is actuall



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