Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone!! We invite each and all to come out and learn how to get involved in the motorcycle community and how to make a difference. All motorcycle riders including Cruisers, Sport Bikes, etc. are welcome. So come out and meet some of the nicest, helpful and friendliest folks you will ever meet. The COC&I is not a membership-funded organization, however, we appreciate any donation. Donations are used against expenses including lobbying, legal assistance, acquisition of meeting space and this web-site. There are 12 regions in TX that deliver informative updates on State and Local issues, events, Legislation and happenings in the biker community. We pride ourselves in the daily contribution to individual and community well being. We believe that by sharing common values we can increase the opportunity of each individual in the community. No! The COC&I will, however, help guide a new club by introducing them to clubs in their local area. Also, the COC&I will ensure there is no conflicts with club colors and patches that are currently established in the region 3 area. In time, and with the guidance of the COC&I, local RCís and MCís new members will be able to seamlessly fit into the local motorcycle community and will receive help from other clubs and independents for any charities and fundraisers for years to come We are all a family bound by the love of riding. When a Motorcycle Rights Organization (MRO) or a "rights" association needs support to help implement approved grass roots strategies such as letter writing to legislators, the C.O.I.R., working in concert with M/Cs and riding associations will be called upon to assist with the manpower to help implement the "Action." . Coalition of Independant Riders (C.O.I.R.) is a registration of independant riders that understand that protecting our "Right to Ride" is everyone's responsibility. US Defenders Council of Clubs or C.O.I.R. members who volunteer to represent their different clubs and groups at State legislative events and Call-to-action events. The US Defenders receive training in lobbying strategies and then take that training back to their clubs & groups. 1) Who is allowed to attend a COC&I Meeting? 2) How many COC&I Regions are there in Texas? 3) Does the COC&I need to give its permission to start a club? 4) Where do my Donations Go? 5) What is C.O.I.R.? 6) What are U.S. Defenders? 7) Why does the COC include Independents?